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01-04-2013, 12:58 PM
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Originally Posted by Herby View Post
Most of these guys are essentially pro hockey players from age 16 on. Education is not taken seriously in the CHL (despite what they say), and that is where most of the players come from. Then we are shocked when idiots like Scottie Upshall say the dumb things they do on twitter.

How many college grads are in the NHL?

The Kings for example have Westgarth, Drewiske and Scuds. Greene, Martinez, and Mitchell all have some college also.

Not saying all players without degrees are dumb, Dustin Brown is supposedly the smartest guy on the Kings and is very well spoken, but I agree, guys with at best high school educations can't be expected to grasp this kind of contract language.
I question if even guys like Westgarth understand. I am an Accountant by trade.

While I sympathize with the players always having to give up some salary, I understand why the NHL is always asking for it.

You have to keep your books in order, and your fiscal base sound. Unfortunately in about 99% of all Companies; that starts and ends with Labor costs.

Can you get creative with overhead ? Yes , but the vast majority of your expenses is always Labor.

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