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Originally Posted by TheDevilMadeMe View Post
Lundqvist career playoffs Goals above Replacement: 23.2
By season: +14.6, +6.1, +2.9, +2.5, +1.6, -4.5

Giacomin career playoff Goals above Replacement: 4.1
By sesaon: +7.3, +3.9, +3.0, +1.7, +0.1, -.1.5, -2.6, -3.0, -4.8

Lundqvist was fantastic overall in 2012 as his team lost - Giacomin never had such a run. Lundqvist was terrible in 2006, but Giacomin was terrible on multiple occasions.

Lundqvist's GAA has increased in 3 playoffs and decreased in 3 playoffs (which is fairly poor, GAAs should go down in the playoffs).
Giacomin's GAA has risen in 5 playoffs, decreased in 3 playoffs, and remained the same in 1 (which worse)

I'm really not finding a modern goalie who has a chance to be considered, who was statistically anywhere close to as poor as Giacomin was in the playoffs.
Maybe I badly worded my idea.

The Giacomin's Rangers often ended up losing against teams they should have lost to anyways.

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