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01-04-2013, 01:07 PM
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.. on 1290 roundtable this morning, some TSN legal beagle was saying that assuming this new vote goes through on Saturday, there is a court date set for Monday AM in NYC, some prelim thing to layout the plan going forward, but the judge at that meeting will be strongly advising the parties to get a deal done that week (before Jan 11), because if it goes to court neither party is going to like the ruling that comes out of it...
... who knows what it might be, but you gotta think it's a dark scary road that even the hardline players surely aren't stupid enough to want to travel down.... or are they???
..... I'll be stunned if something doesn't get done at the last minute...... when you put it in perspective, Fehr's basically walking over dollars to pick up dimes at this point

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