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Originally Posted by landskronala View Post
why? he hits more + harder and plays more intense game.
Lindholm is more aggressive and intense player you're right and that is the flashy side but Barkov is much stronger and more effective player near the boards which is very important in the NHL in offensive and defensive game. Barkov outpowers clear majority of men in FEL like he is the man and other guy is an kid. Barkov is going to be much stronger than he is now. Barkov has very very high compete level and he fights/works hard for every puck.

Barkov doesen't hit much but his game is based on smart positioning, giving good pressure and hard work. I don't think that Lindström or Datsyuk are/were aggressive. Barkov has that veteran presence in the game. Never seem to be in hurry and is ice cool in every situation. Barkov is the player who can control the game effectively even without the puck. Giving more space for his teammates in offensive zone and in the defensive zone forcing the puck in the corners by taking space away for opposite players. Barkov is amazing at the receiving attacks at the neutral zone with his positioning. Alot of times Barkov forces the puck carrier go near the boards when he tries to into offensive zone. Near the line at the boards Barkov gives an small body bump which end as offside or defenseman getting the puck. That is one of the invisible plays where Barkov is very good at.

IMO different type of players. That hard hitting style of Elias Lindholm will make him very effective winger aswell but if he need to control the game as a center Lindholm can do it very well but not as good as Barkov.

Originally Posted by toewsintangibles View Post
When a small player hits and nobody notices, did that hit even exist?
Hitting is all about timing. If you're smallish you can be very effective hitter and Lindholm is good hitter.

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