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01-04-2013, 01:08 PM
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My take is owners are more than happy with 48 games. Best bang for your buck considering regular season to post season ratio. Players lose more than half their checks. So Gary is playing games until the deadline, maneuvering and calculating to see what the union gives up next. Players buy the contract cap concept, owners "concede" a player funded pension or a inter owner issue like buyouts. Players will have to surrender a year of free agency to get a transition cap next year that works foe half the league. Some insane swap. Where ever the ball is at the deadline is where Gary will stop.

We were only avoiding a lockout by accepting the first offer. Any acceptance in part was pocketed and held for the deadline. We saw it in '04 and even with the decerification deadline. Outside of full capitulation, Gary was playing the game of chicken with some cheesy attacks on Fehr and attempts to divide the union.

Even now, people are accepting that this lockout is a failure in its aim after a few seasons. The bottom will drown in cap floors. Another lockout with negative results, 0-3 for Bettman. Never had a clean victory, never plugged one hole without ripping open two more. King of blunders and if left yo his own devices will expand again.

The small teams will never
compromise with the rest, be it luxury tax or transition rules. The big markets prop up the bad and get screwed with this low cap. Its a defacto dispersal draft. Zero consideration for he millions in charity funds. Any answer must be competitive parity with revenue sharing. Its a skill league and they have a handicapping philosophy. Restrict talent and success. Trapezoids and loser points. The other leagues protect and emphasize skill. The 25% majority punishes it.

Now we see some exposed lies and misreporting of revenues... the foundation of this lockout. Its a farce. One day we will see the full extent. Maybe with the next lockout in 8 years people will call out the owners and maybe Bettman will finally be done. I know I put myself on a ton of **** lists here but its never been personal for me. Players keep getting crapped on and fans gratefully eat heaping piles of B.S. from the owners. I can only say we will all see the truth one day.

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