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Originally Posted by bunjay View Post
Most of the owners make very little, nothing, or lose money on operating costs for a season. I guess the players think they're lying, which is possible, but it's pretty obvious there are at least a handful of teams losing serious money. And I doubt the richer teams mind terribly missing out on a season where a chunk of their profits would have gone to the struggling franchises anyway.

Hockey is not a huge moneymaking machine for the owners overall. In terms of return vs investment it's actually quite pathetic. These people make far more money with their other business ventures, hockey players do not.
Under the new CBA the owners stand to do much better. So you can't just look at what they made last year. Again, why would a supposedly saavy business owner throw away hundreds of millions of dollars to get revenge on the players. I don't really care if their hockey profits make up a large portion of their wealth or not, most wealthy businessmen that I know don't think that way. They act rationally. They are not like fans who want the NHL to stick it to the players or vice versa. You need to show me how a rational businessman would throw away those profits and erode the value of his franchise assset over issues like pensions etc. That's why I think that they are bluffing right now and both sides know it.

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