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Originally Posted by bunjay View Post
Perhaps they feel that if the season is lost, they can take far more than $250 million worth off the table and the players will cave anyway. Or that they can save more than that negotiating with players individually if the union is dissolved. Either way it's not unreasonable for them to think they could at WORST break even while bringing the players to heel, for a second time, which probably makes any future negotiations down the road more one-sided.

I really don't think it's personal for the owners at all. The owners themselves probably differ greatly on how they think the league overall should be run.
They'd be hard pressed to break even, I think. Last year the profitable teams brought in 380 million dollars, and the poor teams lost 130 million. Nixing the season might cancel out the losses, but it also cancels a big chunk of the profit. The TV deal still pays out, but they'd have to give a free year or something at the end of the deal I they'd still be losing it at some point, if I'm not mistaken.

I agree the owners themselves likely differ greatly on running the league, just like the players as individuals probably disagree on what is important based on individual need. Neither the owners nor NHLPA are interested in having that become well-known, public info though. United fronts and such.

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