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12-11-2003, 12:02 PM
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Originally Posted by 33teddy33
You guys have to be kidding yourselves with the Messier thing.
Okay, he was brilliant 10 YEARS ago, but not now. Never again. Its sad to say, but, he has stayed way past his prime and he will go down in flames like many others in the past who decide to stay too long. He would better contribute in other ways to the game of hockey. Yes, he's contributing in a positive light, top scorer and all, but the rest of the team has been thus far lackluster with FEW exceptions.
You can pump-up Mess all you want MM but he is a was / maybe not quite yet has been, but a was. So lets not kid ourselves into thinking that the money spent on him the last few year would not have been better spent on other available talent. I'm not kidding myself, neither should you. I'll never forget '93-'94. But come on already. Yes, he's 4th line capable. Then again, so is some young guy out there in semi-pro land that is playing harder and needs the experience of pro-caliber play. Some time sya gotta move on...... gracefully.

6 years = no playoffs.
I've said it before. If I did my job sub-par - I'd be fired. So would you.
Sather has gotta go.
Smith went. And we played more playoffs under him the we have Sather.
Somethings gotta change.
The Rangers can make all the moves they can, you will still have a gutless terd running the team.
I'll tell you what has to change...Dolan! Cablevision is losing a lot of money and analysts say the guy would sell the cable company before he would sell the Knicks and Rangers. Doesn't that say enough? The guy is pulling too many strings. Rangers are the Clippers of hockey

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