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Originally Posted by frivolousz21 View Post
I get that. But he has had no choice in this when you look at the numbers in 1994 and 2004.

This one was poorly handled by Gary and his team and the owners really. They should have started prepping the players on the NHL financials back in 2009 or so. They should have never assumed the NHL players would trust them just because they changed the paradigm in 2004 and helped change the league's direction and make the players boat loads of cash.

I think they assumed the players would be like ok well last time you asked for a big rollback within a couple years we made more money than ever before and still have 100 mil+ raises as a group yearly. The players apparently do not value that or something. I would think most groups of employees would love to make 100 million more per yer.

So you think the NHL should be at 70/30 for the players or what?
The NHL and 'Gary' did try to prep the players/create a working relationship with the NHLPA. Read into the whole Paul Kelly saga. The NHL tried to create a working relationship with Kelly (who was then the executive director of the NHLPA). The hardliner group of the NHLPA didn't like it, though Kelly was getting too 'cozy' with the NHL, and had Kelly fired in the famous 3 am firing. They then went and hired Fehr, not exactly know. With working well with leagues and owners. Part of the distrust likely still dates back to the whole Eagleson ordeal, despite none of the current PA me where being around back when that happened.

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