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Originally Posted by Slatsmsg View Post
I know I have been down this road with you before vanwest and, at times, I am somewhat compelled by your arguments. You state that the owners stand to do much better under the new CBA...there is no new CBA. Billionaires and millionaires, the wealthy businessmen you speak of do not get that way by allowing their employees to dictate the terms of their employment. Furthermore, you cannot group all of these owners into one group that all stand to lose 100's of millions of dollars. It's already been established that the top handful of teams make the lion's share of the dollars in the NHL while the remainder break even or show loss.

If you want to argue your position for say, the Toronto Maple Leafs, then I may agree with you. Or even the Rangers. But as a whole, your assessment of these wealthy business people tossing away hundreds of millions of dollars away is off target. What good is 200 million dollars if your operating costs are 205 million?? How many wealthy people do you know that are willing to operate a segment of their business knowing they are going to lose money and still do it anyways? I would guess the answer is none or few, the few being the previously wealthy.
You need to look at it under a new CBA not the old. There could be a new CBA tomorrow. Assume the worst case scenario that the owners give on every remaining issue. Even then they still stand to collectively make hundreds of millions. It doesn't matter to me what they made under the old CBA. You need to look at what they would make under a new CBA. I agree with your statement that the owners are all in different positions. But if I am making millions of dollars and have an asset worth hundreds of millions of dollars why would I cancel a season over an issue like pensions? It's simply not rational to risk a valuable asset that way. One more lost season means more than just foregone revenue this year.
Like I said they may personally hate Fehr and his tactics but they make deals with people they hate all of the time. It's business.

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