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01-04-2013, 01:38 PM
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Originally Posted by Lion Hound View Post
My brother is a 22 year season ticket holder for NYR. He cancelled at the start of the lockout apalled that the two sides couldnt't iron it out. He'll never go back at this point. Not that he wont watch, but...he certainly won't be chucking out $10k per season anymore to support them.

Thinking of the momney aspect. Watching a game from home is about a $250-300 swing at least for Rangers games.

Ticket to the game $110 x2 if the wifey comes
Train ticket $23
Beers $75-100
Food $20.

Staying home...12 pack, and a pizza. $35.
Even less if you watch it on TV by your own or without food with mates and they bring booze. I could understand going but I think I'd probably only go once in a while.

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