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Originally Posted by Cheesesteak Invictus View Post
Fehr was hired because Bettman was too aggressive to the players for 2 decades. He was brought in to beat them back into place after they went on strike in 92. Labor relations are awful, largely because of him, and it led to Fehr being hired so the PA could have their own attack dog. The PA didn't decide to hire Fehr and go to war just for fun one day.

If Bettman thought that antagonizing Fehr with the opening offer would be a fantastic idea and some sort of payback for hiring Fehr, then it doesn't cast Bettman in a positive light.
In 14 years the average player salary very nearly doubled. They have little room to complain about mean ol' Bettman when his 'hardline' approach has led to vastly increased revenues, and maintaining unprofitable teams (which means lots of players' jobs) by taking money from the richest owners.

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