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Originally Posted by struckbyaparkedcar View Post
Okay, so Byfuglien was instrumental in winning two series, not just one, and played one of the other two away from his usual (at the time, anyway) position.

And Pronger very much "wasted his time" with Byfuglien. He was the only person on the Flyers capable of dealing with Buffy's net-front presence and the shaft of his stick was affixed to Byfuglien's numbers any time the big winger tried to set up shop. Pronger won the battle and Byfuglien wasn't much of a factor (until the Hawks scattered their top line across their top 9 and when Pronger was in the box), but to say that the Flyers' defenseman's game plan for that series was to "ignore Byfuglien because his hockey sense is bad" is just flat out wrong. They went head to head. A lot. And Pronger won out.
Confusing fundamental hockey principles with actual "matching up" of players. Of course Pronger and Byfuglien met in front of the net. Byfuglien played in front on the power play and he was the crash-the-net backside winger for Toews and Kane (until his ineffectiveness saw him removed from the line and replaced with Tomas Kopecky). Pronger's responsibility would be Byfuglien there, he takes the guy in front. But it was forecasted that every time Laviolette saw Byfuglien drip off the bench that he would send Pronger out to match him. No, Pronger was out there to stop Kane and his spare time, he rendered Byfuglien so useless that he was demoted out of the top-six as I recall...

I'm aware they were on the ice at the same time, in fact, they were fighting over the same ice at the same time sometimes, but it wasn't a "matchup" in the traditional sense...I guess it was a matchup like Chris Kunitz and Kimmo Timonen was a matchup last year...but that's really just basic hockey principles, not anything exceptional or noteworthy...

"ignore Byfuglien because his hockey sense is bad" is just flat out wrong.
It's in quotation marks and then a negative point is made against it, but was it ever said? Please don't mischaracterize my point.

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