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01-04-2013, 01:48 PM
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Originally Posted by VinnyC View Post
So we should praise him for having an unusually uneducated opinion?

Allowing foreign kids to come to the CHL is a win-win scenario for both talented Canadians, the CHL and the NHL:

-Talent pool is expanded, which means:
*Tougher competition for Canadians; better development
*More skilled players for spectators to watch; increased revenues; less likelihood of taxpayer money going to support the leagues

-Foreign kids adapt easier to the North American game, which speeds the transition from junior to the AHL/NHL and improves the talent pool for those leagues. Also helps them want to stay in the continent instead of playing abroad.

So what if some kids end up being "pushed away" because of better talent? Is Cherry advocating for the CHL to be a charity case now? Or does he think that parents spending thousands on a sport for his kid entitles him to participate in a competitive league? Does he think parents abroad never have to spend a dime on hockey either?
No. Like I said I don't share his opinion and don't think we should "praise" him on anything. I just like the fact that he wasn't afraid to voice his opinions in a public manner. It's refreshing. That's all I stated.

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