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01-04-2013, 01:49 PM
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Every year I am amazed at the smarts, poise, and game management that Canada has at these tournaments. Those years we were winning the gold, the teams were so well coached and so positionally sound I couldn't believe I was watching junior hockey. There was very little of that this year. There were chemistry & communication issues all over the place, and Spott obviously had no answer for it.

There are two quotes of Spott's that are really burning me up: after the US game, he says to reporters that we don't win "by divine right", which to me is a pretty flippant thing to say when questioned about what went wrong with a team that was so good on paper. So that's why your team failed to show up, Coach? Because we didn't have a "divine right" to win? What a cop out.

Then he says he didn't want to do or say anything different in the locker room to change things up because "there was no need to". Huh?? The team was lousy in the exhibition games, sloppy as all hell in the German game, disjointed for a good portion of the Slovakia game, completely outplayed & outworked in the round robin US game, and this bozo didn't see a need to make some adjustments? Oh, wait, he switched Drouin with Huberdeau on the top line. Second coming of Scotty Bowman, no doubt.

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