Thread: Speculation: Luongo: The Neverending Story
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01-04-2013, 01:50 PM
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Originally Posted by Bleach Clean View Post
Staying above the next best offer or raising it on his own, we can't know either way. How would we? There's the point about not _knowing_ the next best offer too (I doubt Lowe is sharing with Burke). So it's not like he can bid accurately.

I don't even think Burke knows what his top limit is. He has assets that he won't move, under any circumstances, but I'm not sure he has reasoned down to the bone what he absolutely cannot give up in a package. Or what the point is he won't go beyond overall. We will not know either, not until the pressure of the season is at hand.

It's not a bad strategy to simply keep one's offer above the next best deal, in theory. But in practice, when he knows that Gillis balked all offseason to acquiesce to such a standard, and that Gillis + Luongo have motivations for FLA, is it really the best course of action for _this_ deal? Remains to be seen. If he goes to TOR and not FLA, then he made the right call. If he doesn't...? FTR, I don't doubt that this is exactly what Burke is doing.
So do i, but i have no doubt that Gillis is. It would be in his best interest to let Burke know....would it not?

Also, if he ends up in FLA it doesn't mean Burke dropped the ball. If the cost is to's just to high.

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