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Originally Posted by mrzeigler View Post
Look, I'm not saying arena employees are useless. I've always had good experiences with the ones I've dealt with, and I appreciate their competence. I don't begrudge them their paychecks. They earn them.

But their contribution to the NHL experience is on a basic level and could be fulfilled by someone else if they decide their time is worth more than the team is willing to pay. They could be replaced and the same level of service would be provided.

That's not the same with the players (or even replacement football officials, as we all saw in fall). There is "talent" that people pay to see, and there are employees who are paid to deliver a service to people.

It's really missing the mark to broadly compare NHL players with bartenders, waitresses and janitors in terms of the leverage their skills afford them in negotiations and their compensation.
I understand where you're coming from, but those same players are recycled when there usefulness has passed, no?

The NHL is a packaged deal, you don't get any one single part without efforts from all of the parts. Your $8000.00 pays for part of that overall package even though you only care about the main characters. Take away the smaller characters and I assure you would be showing your frustration just as easily when you are inconvenienced at the cost of your investment in your seats.

Look at it like a timeshare on the beach. You are there for the beach and view, but the room you seen in the brochure on line shows a nice and neat place for you to come back too after a long day out and about, but there are marks on the wall, the carpets were not swept, the beds were not changed. You prepaid anywhere from $1500.00 to $3000.00 for a week or more of this. Would you not be frustrated and pissed off, and you can't switch rooms, (This isn't a hotel; just like you can't switch your seats), you get one maid service half way through, it's a package deal.

You paid for a package that has all the parts included, but you're really there for the view and the beach.

I care about the entire package when I engage with activities. So should everyone or that package deal goes south for everyone.

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