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01-04-2013, 01:52 PM
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Originally Posted by holyprime View Post
Does someone here know how the development of prospects works?

I mean not in particular, but i need to figure out why the overall of certain players goes trough the roof while others improve by like 1 point.

For example, i had huge lottery luck in my first season with the Bruins: Traded Thomas in the pre season and the first round pick from that trade ended up as 2nd overall, which i used on Reinhardt.
During the draft i was also able to get Niederreiter from NYI, i dont remember his numbers, but at the start of the second season he was still a 4 star (or is it 3.5?) with a 68 overall. Reinhardt was already a monster at that time, 4.5 stars and 77 overall.

Now, after 1 season in Juniors, the monster turned into a beast, 20 years old with a 86 overall, almost ready to replace an aging Chara.

Niederreiter however, while playing the entire season in the NHL (and winning the cup in that process) on the 3rd line together with O.Jokinen and Peverley made it to 69 overall. He wasn't bad, ended the season with 11g and 23 points and even a gamewinner in the Conference Finals.

So what i ask myself is: Was the competition too hard and he should've played the entire season in the AHL (as he will next season)? Do they have to dominate to make jumps like Reinhardt did? Do i just need more patience?

Not that i expect everyone to become a star after a single year, but i have a lot of unsigned players now i really don't know what to do with. They are too bad for my AHL team so i thought it might be a good idea to leave them where they are, but that way they progress like Niederreiter, which means they are blocked by Providence's AHL players until the age of 25 or smth.
Yeah I'm really confused with player development too. I had B. Schenn and Burmistrov on my 3rd line en route to a Cup win and both of them posted 30 points with a 15-20+ plus/minus but neither made any progress. Right now I have Burmi tearing up the AHL and Schenn still in the NHL so I'll see whether if the whole AHL/NHL thing really makes a difference, but it's definitively frustrating that development doesn't make much sense.

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