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Originally Posted by Mike Farkas View Post
Why talent evaluation is important in the process: You can tell the difference between a goalie that's a product of a defensive system or a goalie that happens to be on a defensive team. Major difference. Statistics - to date - just can't sort that out it seems.
The Rangers brought in Villemure with the intentions of making him Giacomin's tandem partner, after Giacomin's first 4 playoffs, all of which were terrible. The intention was to give Giacomin rest during the season so hopefully he'd have something left in the playoffs. And it sort of worked, Giacomin was pretty average in the playoffs (not good but not awful like his first 4 seasons) when he tandemed in the regular season.

I'll try to find a link when I'm on my computer (on phone now), but it's pretty conclusive evidence that the Rangers GM thought Giacomin couldn't handle a full workload and then perform well in the playoffs.

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