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01-04-2013, 01:58 PM
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Originally Posted by Captain Bob View Post
I disagree with that notion.

You're buying into a league with historic franchises and hockey cultures, and you're putting teams in places that have no history or culture.

And then you adopt a salary floor that's largely driven by the historic franchises with hockey cultures...

And you expect to make money?

The only way for Nashville, Florida and Columbus to organically and naturally grow is to dump the salary floor.

Let this team's owners decide how to manage their business. Do they want to go all-in and create an immediate winning tradition and excitement?
Or do they take their time, realizing that for 15-20 years, maybe, they just aren't going to compete for the big stars -- but they can still provide entertainment.

It's their business. They can decide.

With respect to the Blues,like the Avs and Stars, new ownership treats this team like a loser team. So they have a losing business.
I agree with Captain Bob. Wow.

Well, I would say that removing the cap floor would be one solution. The other would be to move franchises to Toronto, Hamilton, Quebec, Seattle, Hartford. Not necessarily North, just bust the rich-market-protection racket.

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