Thread: Speculation: Luongo: The Neverending Story
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01-04-2013, 02:00 PM
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Originally Posted by Spasmatic Dan View Post
Yes, exactly. You are arguing its unlikely, he believes it is likely. Its balanced in the sense that its two different viewpoints based on the same set of facts spurring a discussion. Again, I lean in the same direction you do on this one but that doesn't mean its not worth discussing.

No insult is intended, but when you shoot down his statement as garbage and then proceed to complain about how it doesn't bring meaningful discussion, you only have yourself to blame.

Point is, a $60M cap isn't the best scenario for Luongo and the Canucks. It will definitely make it more difficult to trade him I would have to think, although I doubt impossible to the point where a buyout would even be necessary.

Ah okay. I've seen them before, but I don't put too much stock in that. Its rumours and speculation on there part for a good chunk of it. Without a CBA even if there were offers I would expect them to change when it is finalized. Burke would likely have interest but as for an actual offer who knows really?

On Vokoun, perhaps Burke was not interested in giving up a pick for a pending free agent? Perhaps he didn't like Vokoun's "bad" season and wanted something more stable? Perhaps he offered something similar but the Pittsburgh deal was taken? Or perhaps he was working on another deal and the timing was just not right?

Just because Burke didn't land Vokoun doesn't mean he wasn't interested.
The reason is simple though, it literally makes no sense to buyout Luongo, and pay him 40 mill, vs the other worst case trade him for futures, or a 7th, and owe him 10 mil when he retires, again in a worst case.

Originally Posted by blankall View Post
I don't see how I'm making things into a "worst case" scenario.

The cap will drop next year. Burrows already has a raise in place. Edler will get a raise. The Sedins (like everybody else) are getting older. These are certain facts, not the worst case from a list of possible scenarios.
They are all facts, but you pushing them into you will have to use these players (as if it is a bad thing) who are 4th line guys already, an saying we will lose these guys (who the team was not going to resign) and all while assuming me keep Lui makes it a worst case.

Most likely we trade him, trade Ballard, this alone frees up 9.7 mil, and would probably be replaced by less then 2 mil is a 7 mil difference. Also assuming the worst case that the cap is 60 mil.

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