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Originally Posted by NashtyAttack View Post
I don't understand the mindset of some Canadians. So what if a few Swedes, Finns, and Russians play in the CHL. It's a top junior league and playing in it is a great way to garner the attention of NHL teams.
Hey, it's "our game" ok? I hate when that excuse gets pulled out but sadly many believe we shouldn't allow these Euros in the CHL because it's our game- which to me doesn't mean we own it exclusively, are the be-all and end-all 100% authority, have the right to dominate or the right to say what's best, it only means we created, popularized and love the game more than any other country. We want to be the best, fair enough. But it shouldn't come while shunning others. So the whole "our game" thing can be taken in many different contexts. For me, I believe if it's our game we should share it once in a while and that includes allowing select European imports. There's a cap on them anyway, which is fair.

It bothers Don Cherry even though these Canadian bantam kids who get kept out would likely never get drafted, never get so far as to receive scholarship money and be lucky to make an ECHL career at best. But of course, any Canadian kid who is denied the chance to play in the CHL even for a cup of coffee is an injustice caused by allowing foreign kids to play in the CHL This is the sort of mentality and culture that inhibits the game's growth instead of strengthening it. The game is already huge in Canada. What's 2 teenagers realizing they should pursue other dreams going to do to hurt that? It ain't PC and he has the right to say it, but I have the right to say Cherry's being a loudmouth letting his patriotism blind him once again.

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