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Originally Posted by blahblah View Post
Want to bet on that? I said option, meaning they will allow you to move within the sections and the such. Having been a partial season ticket holder for years and dealing with these types of things before, they can be quite creative. However, it will be on you if you want to pursue it. If I tell them to get me into the arena for all the games I can with the money in my account for the rest of this season, they will happily figure it out. They would for you as well. Now if you are hung up on your seat and it is shared with another partial season ticket holder, there will be an issue obviously.

If money has been refunded to a person, it is completely outside of the scope of this conversation. This is only relevant for those that chose to leave their money in their account. I am not receiving a refund, therefore it's completely irrelevant to the conversation. I know my seats aren't shared, so I could burn up the dollars and they would be thrilled to allow me to do it.
No I don't and that is why I said they would likely give you an option to buy additional tickets.

I was just stating that with in your half season plan you are only going to get 12 games. You will get the option to buy more tickets at your STH rate as you always could do no matter the season, but that is going to be outside of your plan.

Also I forgot that he is in the ACA area so who know WTF they will do. I am basing my answer on the plan I have. Half Season with a PSL. So I will be entitled to my seats for half the games played at home no more and no less.

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