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Originally Posted by Captain Bob View Post
With respect to the Blues,like the Avs and Stars, new ownership treats this team like a loser team. So they have a losing business.

Those three teams alone prove your whole statement wrong.

after 15 to 20 years you may be able to afford a star. I doubt it. After 15-20 years of sucking you won't be able to turn the lights on in the arena let alone pay a player. Who's going to pay to watch a team suck for 20 years and then what? magically fans will show up and there'll be this culture made?

Pheonix has 20 years worth of culture and no one wants to see them. Fans won't show up to watch a team lose perpetually in any city.. yes even Toronto. If you made Toronto the special case where they could only have a 10 mill cap to everone else's 70 million. The fans there would stop going there too. They know there's no hope.

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