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Originally Posted by bunjay View Post
The only year the players on average ever took a pay cut was after the last lockout, where they were offered better and still didn't play the whole year. It only took 3 seasons for the average salary to get back to almost EXACTLY where it was the year before the lockout (a record high, and then continued to increase by $14 million/team over the next 4 years.

The only reason players would feel hard-done by is if they think they have some inalienable right to always make more money, even if it jeopardizes the existence of shaky franchises. In which case Bettman put them through an entire three seasons of not making more money while insuring that no teams folded. Which means the league maintained the same number of jobs for players. While overall increasing salaries the expense of owners' profits.
He hasn't always been honest with the players either. the PA offered a 24% rollback in salaries in exchange for no cap...Bettman said thanks, we'll take that, AND implement the cap. That kind of thing will kill labor relations.

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