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Originally Posted by Mehar View Post
You are being silly. Canada and US was never one country.
You know, technically they were actually, since both started out as British colonies.

In fact, they share more common ancestry than the Finns and the Swedes or the Czechs and the Slovaks, given how they've been self-identifying ethnic groups with their own languages and customs since at least the 16th century - no matter what Crown they served. Wheras by that time, there was no one who possibly be identified as an American or a Canadian, you were all Brits.

So it's no less far fetched than suggesting Finland and Sweden should combine, given how the Americans stopped bowing to the King of England after the Revolution, mere 40 years before the Finns and the Swedes departed. Your common ancestry is even more hemmed in by the fact that you Canadians still do so.

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