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Originally Posted by Proto View Post
Where did all the Gary Bettman defenders go, anyway?

Gary Bettman is continuing to drive this process into the ditch. At least Deadspin gave him the "Worst Commissioner in Sports" title.
This was in the proposal the NHL gave the PA that started this whole process. The one the PA supposedly "thoroughly reviewed" before responding. It was also, apparently, highlighted.

This is a manufactured story by the PA. More spin. More stalling. The PA being "upset" about this gives them reason to shuffle their feet while the new disclaimer vote happens and that hammer is back over the heads of the league. Both sides do it. The NHL didn't really "change" anything. This language was included in their original offer this week.

If it took the PA leadership that long to find that language, they need new leadership. I'm sure it didn't, though, and they were saving that in their back pocket to use as a reason to shuffle their feet for a day or two.

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