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Originally Posted by Proto View Post
Where did all the Gary Bettman defenders go, anyway?
Gary Bettman is continuing to drive this process into the ditch. At least Deadspin gave him the "Worst Commissioner in Sports" title.
Originally Posted by y2kcanucks View Post
I've been pro PA the whole time, and this just reaffirms my position. Wow I don't blame the PA for not trusting Bettman.
The article doesn't even make sense. You guys need to take a moment and think about it. Why would the NHL change their stance after the PA didn't file a disclaimer of interest if the PA can just revote and file one almost immediately? Obviously the NHL knows this. These parties are both sophisticated, and there is no way the NHL would/does think that the PA's failure to file a disclaimer of interest really changes anything. This is reinforced by the fact that the PA, almost immediately after the period of which they could file a disclaimer of interest lapsed, announced a vote to give Fehr the power to do so.

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