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01-04-2013, 02:37 PM
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It's hard to trust any of the twitter guys to be completely honest.

Bettman said a few days ago in his PC that mediators have been involved for about a week while the two sides were exchanging proposals which is something that NO ONE knew about in the 'twitter-verse'. I remember everyone being legitimately surprised when he revealed that federal mediators were involved.

So with that said.. who the hell knows what's happening. After Hamrlik's quotes, who even REALLY knows what the players think. Seems like there might be a good deal of NHLPA members who would agree to any offer right now and who aren't so pissed off at the league.

Just because they aren't meeting face to face doesn't mean negotiations aren't going on. It may go all the way to next thursday but there will be an agreement.

The season isn't going to get canceled over what they are hung up on right now. either the NHL is bluffing about cancelling the season, the players call it and the NHL gives in.. or the NHLPA agrees to a deal in fear of the NHL cancelling the season.

Some of you might hate Bettman or the owners and think they are vindictive and would cancel the season to prove a point.. but at the end of the day, they are businessmen. They aren't going to cancel the season over pensions... or a couple million in cap space. They just aren't.

Bettman canceled the season last time because both sides barely talked and they were SO very far apart. They aren't far apart right now.

I'm been favoring the owners side through most of this but if they want to get that extra ~$150 million in revenue by having an extra week of games.. they may want to give in right now. I have a strong feeling that Fehr is going to play this out til the end.

EDIT - and the players don't seem to care too much about losing money with each passing week.. even if it does hurt them a lot more than the owners.

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