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01-04-2013, 02:41 PM
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Spott may or may not be a good coach, may or may not have been the best choice for the job... I don't even have an opinion on that, don't know what criteria they have for looking for the Jr Team coach - aside from expecting they are pretty stringent criteria and they have a lot of experienced people and top candidates to consider to the extent that it would be difficult to end up with somebody truly incompetent or incapable. Nitpicking quotes or a small number of seemingly poor decisions in the aftermath of a critical loss doesn't help me decide. Good coaches have made a small number of seemingly poor decisions in the midst of overall successes too, or offered up pithy soundbites to the media.

None of it adds up to a necesssity to re-vamp the approach to the coaching staff either, IMHO. It doesn't mean you couldn't re-vamp the approach. But it would to me require a process review that wasn't just a knee-jerk reaction to a single game failure. How do you get a good enough coach? Who has the experience, who isn't going to mind not working behind a bench most of the year, and his staff, how do they stay sharp vs. bringing in active coaches who are working with and against all these same kids and players in game action constantly? I don't know. Maybe it's not an issue. Dave King's teams were touring around, he and they were staying sharp in game action, etc. I've never coached, I don't know what all is involved. But I could readily imagine a scenario where they switched approaches to a permanent staff, lost in the semi's (or earlier) to USA/Russia/Sweden again next year, and then everybody criticized the new approach and new coach just the same. In fact, I would basically *expect* that.

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