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Originally Posted by Awwufelloff View Post
Ask the NFL...You know the league with 32 teams where 12 teams make the playoffs, and also the most lucrative league in the world growing at a higher rate then anyone ever anticipated?
This boils down to why we watch games in the first place. The NFL is very good a telling compelling stories - something people care about - every week. It doesn't matter if you're favourite team is out of the playoffs...there's always some kind of meaningful game going on. Who wants to see what AP does on the frozen tundra of Lambeau Field this weekend? Who's pulling for Peyton Manning in Denver? Who's interested in RGIII and the Redskins? There are far fewer games in the NFL, and each one is a bigger spectacle and has more meaning as a result.

The NHL's Winter Classic is interesting - pit two big rivals against each other outside in a huge stadium. People want to see that. The spectacle! It's about the closest thing the league can do to what the NFL does - and it's wildly successful.

What else does the NHL have? Parity and three-point-games keeps more teams in the playoff hunt until the end of the season. And then there are the playoffs themselves. I guess they figure more teams brings more meaning - more teams in the running at the end of the season; a preliminary round to avoid / sneak into. Short of staging more frequent Winter Classics (which might water down the novelty factor and kill the Golden Goose), what else are they going to do to capture that NFL magic? Should they reduce the number of playoff teams to 12 like the NFL? Or is 16 the perfect number for maximum interest?

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