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01-04-2013, 02:48 PM
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Originally Posted by *Injektilo View Post
To be honest, I need someone to explain to me why anyone would take a side here. I don't get it. They are both trying to protect their interests and maximize the best deal for themselves. In other words, they're just doing business. Why would anyone get all emotional and choose one over the other?
It's a game a lot of people love, so there's going to be emotion involved.

For myself, my anger really stems from the fact that there was virtually zero negotiation prior to the CBA expiring. The lockout was inevitable and we all knew it was coming, so it's just upsetting that it had to transpire like that.

I fully understand both sides protecting their interest, I just wish they could have actually gotten down to this serious negotiating a lot sooner. When I think of all the time that was wasted with both sides stubbornly refusing to meet, take it or leave it proposals, publicity stunts and temper tantrums, when a lot of this could have begun while we still had hockey to just blows my mind.

Both sides intentionally waited until games were being lost to put heat on one another, when the real victims of that decision were always going to be the fans. It sucks, and I know that both sides did it and are continuing to do it consciously.

My gut feeling is that a deal will get done, but I'm equally displeased with both sides for allowing this farce to play out the way it has.

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