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01-04-2013, 02:55 PM
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Originally Posted by Bleach Clean View Post
*Sigh* You still don't understand Spasmatic Dan. A viewpoint on its own is not balanced unless it is grounded in precedent. SC's viewpoint is not, mine is. Why? Precedent. Past occurrence. Where is his statement rooted in precedent?

You think a statement is balanced simply because it is diametrically opposed by another, given the same set data? No. The only balance there is that we are on opposite ends of the spectrum. That's not balance in the viewpoint itself. If one professes a low probability occurrence to be high probability, on a whim, how is his own viewpoint grounded in reality?

Again, this is one side adopting the unlikely as likely, and the other as saying the likely is still likely. I'm not sure how you can evaluate the former to be balanced in it's assessment just based on simple logic.

Ah but precedent is but one way to form an opinion among many my friend. This is especially true when discussing a situation that is unprecedented, as a theoretical cap drop with no rollback and amnesty buyouts concerning a long term contract for a guy in Luongo's situation would be.

In actuality I understand your point perfectly, but you are missing mine. Arguing that his prediction is invalid is not the problem. It is in fact the whole point; you arguing your view point. Claiming that it doesn't stir up any meangingful discussion without actually trying to discuss anything is the problem and that's my point.

Its like complaining your fries are cold without trying to cook them.


The field is still the field. We shall see how difficult it is very shortly, if at all. That's not posturing. That's simply recognizing that not every GM out there is friend to the other, and that each will do what's best for his team, first and foremost.

There could have been a myriad of reasons, but for a 7th round pick and Burke's ability to sell, I'm surprised he didn't acquire Vokoun's rights if that's what he was looking for.
Indeed, but its fun to speculate. And that's what we're doing since we have nothing concrete.

On Vokoun, it could also have been he didn't want to go to Toronto and wanted to go to a cup contender as well. That's actually my theory, as he did sign a cheap contract with Washington for a shot at the cup which didn't work out.

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