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01-04-2013, 03:59 PM
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Lundsanity30 from previous thread

Whether or not they play this year, the NHL is in serious serious trouble. Look how long it took mlb to recover from the stoppage in 1994 and NHL is nowhere near as popular as MLB
couldnt agree more bud. I said this like 43 threads ago and people just dismissed me. MLB only survived bc of two juiced up meatheads hitting 600ft homeruns every 6 at bats. Baseball turned a blind eye to steroids bc it was saving the game, but theres nothing like that in hockey that can capture the attention of the nation(s). Geno or Stamkos arent going to score 100 goals. Sid isnt going to get 170 assits and 80 goals for 250 points. The game IS in trouble.

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