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Originally Posted by Mr. Canucklehead View Post
I think both sides could have done an awful lot more to meet an awful lot sooner. There was virtually no attempts to build good will between the PA and the League (from either side) in advance of June, July, September or any time during this process. I'm not saying the league has been reasonable (I actually agree, many of their demands are patently the opposite), but to say the PA has been completely forthcoming and justified in this process seems disingenous to me.
I understand that, but the reality is that these things never happen that early. It just never happens. And once the NHL started at such a ridiculous place in June (and later hired Frank Luntz to help craft a media message of "shared sacrified") it became pretty clear to me that the league was simply not interested in a reasonable negotiation. They started with strong-arm tactics and never let up.

It's like if you sold a car and asked $5,000. If the first guy starts with a $1 offer you don't think, "Well, I'll be reasonable here!" That was the league's first offer.

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