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01-04-2013, 03:07 PM
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AWFUL coaching by a man with good charisma. There are four reasons to thinking the coaching was bad:

1. Undisciplined play. That's a coaching responsibility to ensure players be disciplined.

2. Complaining about officiating. The coaching staff have whined about "different level of officiating", insinuating it's not good at the tourney and players have mimicked that attitude with pained looks of EXCUSES. No excuses! A coach should refuse to let any player utter any word about officiating as a cop out. It's a loser's mentality.

3. Lack of chemistry. The coaching staff are responsible for assembling lines and pairings and having players practice in a way that builds chemistry and coordinated play. Team Canada's offense has been individualistic and infrequent, disjointed and unorganized. No sign of coaching on the ice.

4. Unearned goaltending choice. The coaching staff has NOT rewarded the best performer with the starting job, hasn't even given the best performer in training camp and pre-tourney play a chance to start until the Bronze medal game. Subban has been decent BUT shaky, not bad BUT lacking confidence, okay BUT not key. And yet he wins the starting job and is rode all the way to the end of gold-medal contention without giving another goalie a chance in one (one) tourney game, especially when there was another goalie who showed MORE in training camp, MORE in pre-tourney play!!! A puzzling decision entirely on the shoulders of the coaching staff.

BTW, I thought all these things BEFORE the medal round. They are not new observations. In fact, each of them has been mentioned but spun differently in the media.

As a Canadian I hope this coaching staff is sent packing.

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