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01-04-2013, 03:08 PM
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Originally Posted by HockeyH3aven View Post
He's everything the last few Bills hires have not been. He's very aggressive in play calling and decision making, runs a unique, potent, and exciting offense. He's also never failed in the NFL before and embraces analytics in times of actual in-game decisions. He would bring a fresh new perspective to an otherwise aging and conservative organization.

Chip is essentially the anti-Jauron. The Bills need to try something new and different, following the NFL script hasn't been working for them.

There's a reason Chip Kelly is highly sought after, he's a really good coach. He took a school that wasn't a recruiting power, found players other teams didn't want (or didn't see), and coached them into a BCS Powerhouse that now gets it's pick of the litter. The Bills need that guy.
I think Chip Kelly will be a flop in the NFL.

Too many of the things that he relies on in college won't work in the NFL.

The narrower hash marks to defenses that get to study a ton more tape than college kids do to the MLB getting calls radioed in from the sideline like the QB are all things that will go against Chip's up tempo style.

Plus, he's never coached in the NFL before.

There are not too many guys that make the jump from college to the pros with 0 NFL experience that make it work.

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