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Originally Posted by AmericanDream View Post
the US was the best team in 2002 throughout the tournament....

Canada got the garbage semi-final game with Belarus for God's sake, while the US had to already play their gold medal game against Russia in the semi's.

It was a complete joke then as it is now that the US which had the best record did not get to play Belarus instead of Russia...

Herb Brooks was pissed then, and I am still pissed now how that all went down...

Canada looked like crap that entire tournament but got bailed out in their semi bs matchup...

the US however was the better team throughout the tournament, and had to play the tougher matchups to get to the Gold...

PV's reasoning is solid and accurate
Oh come on really? Canada just got soundly beaten yesterday in the semis at the World Juniors. They lost, they deserved to lose and I am embarassed of their performance. The US was better.

That being said, as a Canadian who watched the 2002 Olympics it was clear to me that there were certain countries that peaked early (US, Sweden) and other ones who sort of took a steady incline to victory like Canada. This was a brand new Canadian team compared to 1996 or 1998. Lots of new players and they didn't have the luxury like the USA of being together for almost a decade. The USA had the same team more or less from 1996 that they had in 2002. THey knew each other well and it showed early on. With Canada it didn't but this was a team who got better as the tournament progressed.

In the Gold medal game the Americans were outclassed. We won 5-2 and hit three posts, one of which was Mario's famous "how did that not go in" shot. At the end of the second period the score was 3-2 and to anyone who watched it you'd have sworn it was 6-2. Canada really did beat the Americans soundly in that game.

As for the tournament format. No big deal. Yes Canada played Belarus in the semis, however they faced Finland in the quarterfinals and WOULD have faced Sweden in the semis had Tommy Salo not blown it. That means Canada has a Finland, Sweden and USA route to the Gold. I don't know about you, but that is hardly an easy route. Sweden just made it easier for Canada, but by then it hardly mattered. No one was beating this team anymore.

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