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Originally Posted by Stickmata View Post
Exactly. This is the primary reason why I put the blame solely on Don Fehr when we start assessing blame. The players have lost way more in lost salary than they have gained by fighting this long. They could have started negotiating earlier and hammered out a deal that gave them more than what they're going to get now, net of what they're losing during the lockout. The only way what they've done makes any sense is if they never wanted a deal and the real goal all along was to disclaim in order to gain what they believe will be a lot of leverage and the ability to open up things like the salary cap, etc., which is such a risky proposition.

The players are cutting off their noses to spite their faces. Fehr is doing a masterful job of getting the players to respond emotionally to every perceived slight by the owners, in order to consolidate his power and continue to push his agenda.

I really hope Bettman cancels the season this weekend and the NHLPA disclaims, so we can get this thing moving toward some sort of resolution and Fehr can turn it over the litigators and go home.

It takes two to tango and the league wasnt negotiating in September or October, they were and still are for the most part giving out take it or leave it offers and announcing which hills they are willing to die on. You cant claim the players should have just taken the owners offer in October and then say they should have negotiated on points that werent up for negotiation.

As for cancelling the season and disclaiming interest, that doesnt get rid of Fehr just changes his title. He then just becomes a lawyer representating the trade association or whatever the players reform themselves as, or even as head counsel for their anti-trust law suit.

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