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01-04-2013, 03:46 PM
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Originally Posted by Habsterix View Post
Exactly. Some see his comments as racism. They confuse, in my opinion, racism with patriotism. He likes a lot of players from other countries and he has never shied away from saying it, just like he'll pounce on a Canadian player not doing the right things.

Grapes is simply showing a bit of patriotism and in his opinion, he would like to see the CHL be reserved to young Canadian players to be developed.

Personally, I don't see that as a crime. If it is, crucify me with him on that one.
Different perspective from an American. Isn't the CHL a for-profit business, and their primary goal is to put the best product on the ice for the fans who pay to see the games? While they do develop talent - the CHL's primary goal isn't to get players ready for the NHL.

It's just my perspective that by doing a good job of getting players ready for the NHL, they receive the following benefits.

1) They get to add more elite talent to the league from overseas in the way of gifted players who see the CHL as the best way to prepare for the NHL.
2) Because the NHL respects the job they do, the NHL agrees to a series of restrictions which includes restricting players who were drafting out of the CHL from playing in the AHL until they are 20 years old, and the NHL not being able to call up CHL players during the CHL season (except on an emergency basis).

That being the case - wouldn't it be the paying fans who pay for restricting the CHL to Canadian citizens only? It's not like there is an elite level talent Canadien kid cut from the CHL to make room for Nail Yakupov.

And if the CHL is really the best place to develop talent for the NHL - what benefit is there to restricting it to Canadian kids? Overall, it just seems like a opinionated, reactionary rant when Team Canada lost.

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