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01-04-2013, 03:51 PM
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Originally Posted by CaptainCrunch67 View Post
I wasn't much of a fan of last nights show at all, I thought the story line stuff was all over the map and just not great.

The Hogan veresus Hogan and Bully Ray suspension thing was utterly petearded, I'm just waiting for Hogan sometime in the future to yell, "It was me Bully Ray, it was me all along"

I think the Aces and 8's thing went a little off the rails last night, and revealing another member who I won't name for reasons of spoilers was the ultimate who cares moment.

Ken Anderson just grinds my gears and not in a good way, the guy just really needs a character refresher.

Having Sting basically kick the crap out of a heel group by himself just dosen't do much to feed the air of menance that is needed for A and 8's to work.

Overall with a ppv coming up it was just not a very good show.
Have Aces and 8's even won more than a handful of matches cleanly? It seems they win all their matches by cheating. I would imagine booking them strong would make them seem more fearsome. I agree in that.

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