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Originally Posted by Zip15 View Post
Weeee, 11-5 with the core of a team that went 18-1 the previous year! Yay for six-game regressions! And it's funny that you can cite exactly one good season in the six non-Brady years, and then call that good evidence supporting your point.

I can give you several more coaches who hovered around .500 thru six seasons that turned out alright:

Marvin Lewis: 46-49-1
Gary Kubiak: 47-49
Tom Coughlin: 49-47

You probably wouldn't have hired John Fox two seasons ago because "OMG, he's a .500 coach" (73-71 in CAR), and just went 2-14 with the Panthers!!!! RETREAD!!!

Everything has to be black and white with you, Freddie, doesn't it? Gailey wasn't a good coach. They can certainly do better than him. And, as I've said before, if they don't fix the QB and personnel, it won't matter who coaches them, even *cue royal trumpeters* Chip Kelly.

As I said above, bad coaches can with good QBs/personnel (Reid, Andy). Good coaches rarely win with bad personnel. And bad coaches and subpar personnel are what the Bills have seen for years.
Marvin Lewis isn't a great example, his Bengals teams are occasionally good, and occasionally bad. Kubiak is in the middle of his first season of success, who knows if its sustainable.

I'll definitely concede Coughlin, although his Giants teams are very bi-polar and inconsistent. An argument can be made they just got hot at the right time, but you can't explain away two superbowls.

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