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Originally Posted by moosehead81 View Post
Given the recent "news" on Sportsnet via Larry Brooks (who I know you all love to hate) that Gary Bettman blurted out to the players' reps that some GMs' want to dismantle their teams cause of their bad contracts, I'm not surprised the disclaimer option has reared its ugly head again. Way to go Gary- keep up the good work.
Honestly people, do you believe everything the biggest pro-PA shill writes?

Most people here agree (myself included) that Bettman is a lot of negative things (cruel, evil, strong-willed, unflappable, emotionless, overly-lawyerish etc) but I ask you this, do you think Bettman is stupid? I don't like Fehr at all but one thing I know he's not stupid.

So ask yourself this; would Bettman EVER say something like that to players? Would the lawyer Bettman say something that stupid that would be certainly used against him in any court case?

First of all, Bettman saying that would compromise everything in a possible court case because that would squarely fly against the face of NHL claiming they are negotiating in good faith.

Secondly, why on earth would Bettman say that in the first place? What good would that do? Why should he give ammo to players?

Absolutely zero chance of Bettman saying that. Zero.

Someone should finally call out Brooks for all the BS.

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