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Originally Posted by CoopALoop View Post
Oh Cherry, you're such a gem.

Is this where we now start a flame war between countries? Or has that been done to death yet?
Haha no I think we can keep things under control. I'm not surprised he said something like this. I just think Cherry has a one track old school mindset. Ive heard him trash USA Hockey on HNIC before. He is as stubborn as a mule. Where he is right though is some of the foreign teams like the Czechs and Slovaks occasionally need some CHL players. A good example is last year in Alberta the Czech team brought more CHL guys onto their roster and it really did help them in their success.

I'm not starting a flame war, I really like the CHL and follow it more than the NCAA. I go to Plymouth Whaler games all the time. I'm just proud of where we have advanced to in our junior programs, that's all.

As for the US? The guys that we take from the CHL have been playing on U.S. soil for the first 17-18 years of their lives. Besides Gally all those kids learned to play their elite level hockey in the United States under our Midget programs, and our Development teams. Seth Jones, Ryan Hartman, Tyler Biggs, and Sieloff for example have only played in the CHL for 3 months. Before that they honed their skills as a part of the US National Development Program playing against USHL teams and or NCAA College teams. So maybe for some of the European players the CHL experience will really stand out, but the U.S. players have been playing against great competition here in the states for a long time. Look at Gurgenson last year for Latvia, was a great player for them in the tournament and he played in the United States Hockey League. It developed him into a first round pick. And now is in the AHL.

So I really wouldn't look at the US roster and say "Oh, because they have some kids with experience playing major junior, that makes them a better contender for gold." Our U-20 National Junior Teams every year have a deep history of playing together for our U-17 and U-18 teams that train and play together year round. It's USUALLY when they turn 18 that they seem to sometimes part ways and play US College, or in Canada.

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