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Originally Posted by Sergei Shirokov View Post
1. I don't think Sauve is struggling that badly, he just seems to be in Arniel's doghouse, he looked fine to me when he was actually playing, and he is a + player.

As for why I put him here, he is more developed than some of our other guys, and I see him as more likely to make the jump than most, maybe I could have put Mallet or Labate ahead but more of our other guys are kinda projects that most likely wont turn out IMO. Maybe I should have put Mallet ahead of him, but Mallet's upside is 3rd/4th liner, which is about the same as Sauves (3rd pair/depth D) so when you really think about it there upside is about the same, and Sauve has acomplidhed more thus-far.
Fair enough.

But from watching him, I just don't see that potential for him. Last year, i said that he was close to ready to be with us perhaps a 7-8th D man capacity because there is little left for him to show and little room for improvement. With MacT, he played a steadier game. But this season, his play has regressed and is very inconsistent, dangerously so at times. He is looking very much like we thought a couple of years ago, a player with all the tools but no toolbox. He has the size, the skating, a physical dimension, but lacks the decision making required for him to take the next step. Gillis said Sauve would have to simplify his game this season, but honestly, he has done the complete opposite. Perhaps it is an injury that is causing this regression, but he needs to step it up massively to crack my top 10.

Originally Posted by Sergei Shirokov View Post
2. Grenier does have size, and you say he hasn't done anything and you say "he isn't playing anywhere let alone with the Wolves" yet praise McNally, Grenier obviously hasn't played on the Wolves, we got him to go play in Europe so we don't have to sign him. Not sure why your complaining about that, at 6'5 with that skating ability, he is pretty intriguing. Atleast for us.
Refer to these quotes below...

Originally Posted by Bleach Clean View Post
3. Never been enamoured with the Grenier pick.
Originally Posted by Sergei Shirokov View Post
3. I definetly think this is a guy with all the tools, just has to bulk up and put it together (looks like he already has gotten alot strong BTW) after watching the Wolves game on SN, I noticed he really does have all the tools, I thought he had a good game, was great down low, great against the boards, he isn't outstanding in any particular area but is solid all round & I think he is definetly in the top 10.
This is why i asked if you are confused about this player. Based on the number sequences you are replying to, you imply you've seen Grenier play for the Wolves on Sportsnet, yet as i said earlier, he has not played in North America this year, so i am not sure how you saw him.

Are you referring to Archibald or are you referring to Grenier when he played with the Remparts?

My problem with Grenier stems from the people who have seen him regularly and their reports, such as Pyatt4God who watches Quebec. An enigmatic winger who is all potential right now with little substance in his game. Also, we all saw him in the Prospects Tourney and I remember he made some very stupid plays, both offensively and defensively (commented on it then as well). He played very poorly in those games. He rarely used his size, if at all, or skating for that matter. He was coasting.

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