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Originally Posted by BlueChip01 View Post
Chris Phillips is furious at the NHL. I honestly forgot he was still playing hockey:

"they turned around and pulled a couple of dirty tricks that upset a lot of us, so now were back to where we were in terms of having votes"

"Were trying to get a deal done and negotiate in good faith and (if theres) garbage like that, thats not going to get anything done."

"The numbers are what they are, but this deal has all been about how much were going to give up, not what were going to get, and to go to their numbers and then for them to turn around and fudge what the numbers are going to be.

Its just ridiculous, expecting to get a deal done with these people that are trying to pull the wool over your eyes.

I dont know if they were hoping we werent going to pick up on it or what, but I dont know what the right word isIm appalled that they would try to get something like that in there under the system we have."
Is this kind of like how the PA keeps saying it's offering 50/50 but sneaking in those poison pills that make it, well, not really 50/50?

Originally Posted by IME View Post
What I don't get is how the league thought it would get away with that move. Do they think the PA's legal staff are a bunch of morons?
Well, according to the league they didn't make any such move. They said the changes were bolded & highlighted and given to the PA 4 days (5 now, I guess) ago. I'm always of the mindset that it's pretty stupid to lie about something that would be so incredibly easy to disprove... the PA just shows them the papers where it wasn't highlighted to bring it to their attention. So, it's a he said/she said and, as always, the truth lies somewhere between.

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