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01-04-2013, 04:40 PM
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Originally Posted by SephF View Post
Well the whole finger biting incident definitely didn't help the Canucks gain any fans. Keep in mind this is from a guy who has pulled hair before, and publicly stated that he was happy that Avery suck punched Smid (who suffered a concussion). Then you have Kesler who was diving all over the ice. The Sedins (who I thought played fine in the playoffs) but they let themselves get pushed around too much. Marchand treating Daniel like a punching bag, Thomas crushing Henrik infront of the net... etc etc.

Boston is by no means a super clean team but Vancouver did it all to the MAX.
Again, it's all about selective memories and choosing own narratives. Ryder gave Blair a blindside hit to the head away from the play. It was just an "accidental collision". Horton threw a bottle on the crowd after a loss. He was just "angry". Chara fell down countless times. He simply "lost balance" because he's a big guy. Boychuk interfered with Raymond and broke his back. A "terrible accident". And so on. Put a Canucks jersey on these guys and we'd probably still be talking about each one of those incidents on a daily basis.

The matter of fact is that other fans didn't like the fact that the Canucks had a dominating 2010-11 season and actually had a shot at winning the Cup; if they had actually won it all it would completely destroy their narrative that Vancouver doesn't deserve a Cup and that the team could never win the Cup with a "soft" European captain and a "headcase" goalie. The outcome supported the narrative so a looot of people were glad of it.

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