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Originally Posted by madgoat33 View Post
yea he's not accurate or anything, just the 5th most accurate qb of all time(ahead of brady). and he's always been a master of throwing the ball where his guy could make a play on it and that's still been true in Denver. judging by your comments though, it seems clear you don't watch him or the nfl in general very much.
Enough. Yes, I have. Yes, I do.

The accuracy I'm referring to is NOT who has the best completion percentage, OK? Yes, that has a lot to do with getting the ball in the right spot, but it also has a lot to do with having guys around you good enough to catch it.

I'm simply talking about "does he put the ball in the absolute best spot for his WR to make a catch every time" regardless of if its caught or not. His brother is TERRIBLE at this. Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady are two of the best ever at it. Peyton is good at it, I never said he wasn't, but I did say there are others better in the NFL at it than him right now. That's a true statement. Especially this season, where he clearly isn't the same QB he was 2 seasons ago. (anyone who thinks otherwise is the one not watching enough Peyton Manning).

So enough of the snarky "I can tell you don't watch football" wharrgarbl.

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