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Originally Posted by tujague View Post
It was a few seasons ago now, but that would have put you in 4th in I.1 back when I did my survey. I'm guessing it's you Media deal and the reforms pushing you higher.
Perhaps. It'd be interesting to see the current sponsorship distribution.

How do you feel about the idea of combining the US & Canada?
I don't think the PPM would consider making that happen.

If it did happen, there would definitely be some pros and cons.

  • More forum activity (at least for USA players)
  • More competitive NT (if the NTs were combined).
  • Increased competition.
  • An additional National Cup round.

  • League restructuring (assuming we would maintain 1 I.1 league, 4 II.x leagues, etc.) would force teams to lower divisions (and thus worse sponsorship offers). Some teams would probably quit due to this.
  • More competition would lead to everyone's sponsorship offers going down (with the possible exception of Leggman who could see a decrease due to teams actually challenging him). More teams fighting for the same number of playoff spots is fun, but could cripple some teams financially.
  • Decreased sponsorship deals for all teams makes it more difficult for teams to build facilities, arena or stadium upgrades, or buy players. Teams that already have their facilites and arena/stadium maxed (example: Leggman) would become more difficult to catch.

An interesting idea would be to do this on the "Hockey 2" and "Soccer 2" servers. We might be able to talk the developers into doing this and avoid the cons (or at least reduce some of the psychological effects of the cons).


Pulled a universal forward in soccer today, unfortunately he's 5/6. 4* in Def, Mid and Fwd and 5th on my team in AQ. Oscar Colburn

Edit: Scouted at: 47/56 44/88 47/81 65/94 62/83 62/93 59/83 57/87 50/71
That makes him my top EQ Forward, with the 2nd highest EQ forward currently at 17 and 4/6 (I don't utilize CL or age in my EQ calculations).

Knocked out of the NC in a shootout. Bragg and Valina both missed their shots against a 13 rated GK. I suppose that means more energy for the league this season.

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