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Originally Posted by seventieslord View Post
Your mistake is thinking "up to three bonus points" = "deciding the standings".
I have run many drafts and have seen the spread between 1st and 4th place be razor thin: one more voting GM could have reversed the standings; that was the draft that in a close division MXD's team came in 3rd and Sturm's San Francisco Spiders finished 1st and went on to win the playoffs back in ATD10, six all-time drafts ago.

So, it is possible that a few points could make a difference again in the future. Plus, on principle, the merits of the teams ought to be weighed and determined via voting. Assigning points for participation is irrelevant and unfair. My initial example of Brian Burke working hard meaning squat ON THE ICE stands: the players and coaches need to be selected and it is THEY who ultimately make a difference.

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